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The California Reading Association

     Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California
Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

Celebrate Literacy Award

Deadline: Due to CRA by May 1.  ILA Nomination Form


The Celebrate Literacy Award is an ILA Award recognizing organizations, institutions, and individuals that have made significant literacy contributions at the local, state, or provincial level. The hope is that the celebration will familiarize the public with literacy activities in the community and call attention to the work that is being done by the schools, councils, the California Reading Association and the International Reading Association to promote literacy worldwide. For additional information visit the ILA Web Site: www.literacyworldwide.org.


Each council should determine specific guidelines for the Celebrate Literacy Award. However, many associations follow the ILA suggestion that eligibility to receive the award be open to all segments of the community, state, or province—not just to those who hold membership in the organization. Many states and provinces follow the practice of accepting the recipients of the local councils’ Celebrate Literacy Award as nominees for the state or provincial level of the award.


Candidates who have shown exemplary accomplishments in any of the following areas may be suggested for consideration as Celebrate Literacy Award recipients: (1) direct teaching at any level, (2) organizing local literacy programs, (3) promoting support from the public relative to enhancing literacy, (4) producing teaching materials or special media for literacy programs, (5) conducting research in field related to literacy, (6) conducting special surveys of importance for literacy planning, (7) providing young people the opportunity to help in literacy activities, and (8) conducting informal educational activities of a social, cultural, economic, or political nature in which literacy activities are included (radio and television programs, publications and press, library programs, and projects for special populations, such as the handicapped and the aged).


The council fills out the IRA form and submits it to the International Reading Association. IRA will send up to five certificates depending on the number of awardees. The local council may also create their own certificates to honor the recipients. All award information should be forwarded to CRA's PDI Chair to be noted in the annual PDI program as well as in the Winter Reader.  One state-wide recipient will be recognized at the PDI award event.


  1. Download the ILA Celebrate Literacy Award Form
  2. Each nomination must include the following information:
    1. name, address, and phone number of the nominee;
    2. description of the contributions to literacy on which the nomination is based (not to exceed three pages); and
    3. results of the contributions and their benefit to the community, state, or province on the nomination form.
  3. Because the intent of the Celebrate Literacy Award is to recognize truly exemplary and outstanding contributions to literacy, ILA asks that you request no more than five certificates. Return the completed form to ILA as noted on the form.
  4. ILA and CRA encourage each council to create its own "honorable mention" awards for others worthy of recognition. Each council may award as many of these "honorable mention" awards as preferred.

Additional Information:

For inclusion in the PDI program and the Winter Reader, forward all award information to CRA's PDI Chair by May 1.

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