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The California Reading Association

     Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

The California
Reading Association

Dedicated to Literacy for Over Fifty Years

Torchlighter Program Award

(Adopted May 21, 1992)

Deadline: May 1 Nomination Form (PDF)

"Those having torches will pass them on to others."
Mary Austin, Torch Lighters: Tomorrow's Teachers of Reading


To recognize a CRA council for an outstanding accomplishment in literacy.  


Council has accomplished one or more of the following:

  1. Creative new project: New or adapted method/format of an existing type of council activity.
  2. Outstanding service to the council's community or to a particular population segment not usually addressed.
  3. Promotion of a CRA adopted position (See position papers).
  4. Expanded or innovative view of literacy.


Winning activities/projects be will highlighted in an issue of The California Reader.  The councils will be invited to participate in an "Award-Winning Council Programs" symposium at the Leadership Conference and the council president will receive a conference memento at the Annual Conference.


  1. Each council shall submit to its Area Director one program/activity on the nomination form. The number of councils per area determines the number of entries in the area. A council may choose not to participate, so there may be less than this number of entries.
  2. There will be one award winner per area although the committee may decide not to give an award in an area. The same council may not win two consecutive years.

Additional Information

Mail completed Nomination Form to CRA

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American Literacy Corporation
$2000 "Outstanding Contributions to Literacy" award
$500 to CRA Council that nominates a winning K-8 educator