CRA Awards

California Young Reader Medal Program

Melanie Miller, Chair

The California Young Reader Medal program, established in 1974, introduces young readers in California to a variety of book genres and formats, gives them an opportunity to honor their favorite books and authors, and develops and cultivates a love of recreational reading.

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Eureka! Non-Fiction Book Award

The Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award assists teachers, librarians, and parents in identifying outstanding nonfiction books for their students and children.

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California Reading Association’s Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award

The California Reading Association has established an award to celebrate and honor nonfiction children’s books. The Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award will assist teachers, librarians, and parents in identifying outstanding nonfiction books for their students and children. Eligible books must be nonfiction, but can be in any genre including poetry, folktale/fairy tale, informational, biography, memoir, cookbooks, joke books, self-help, reference, etc.  Concisely: Any book that is not fiction is eligible for the Eureka!


  • Gold and silver (honor) awards will be selected each year from submitted books and will reflect a wide diversity of nonfiction genres and age level interest.
  • The winners will be announced to our membership and posted on the CRA website in October of each year.
  • Books must be submitted to be eligible for the Eureka! award. Submissions will be received from June 1 through September 1 of each year. Submissions must be accompanied by the submission entry form and mailed to the California Reading Association (see the submission form for details).
  • Books must have been published during the current year or two years prior. Only books published during those three years are eligible.
  • Books may be submitted by a publisher, author, illustrator, or other interested individual.
Please submit your EUREKA! 2024 titles by completing this google form.
Gold and Silver Award Winners

Gold and Silver award Eureka! winners will be announced California Reading Association’s journal, The California Reader. A list of winners will be available at CRA’s state conference and a conference session will highlight the year’s winning books. Recipients will receive a certificate of honor from California Reading Association and award stickers to place on their books.

For more information, please contact Dr. Virginia Loh-Hagan

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Margaret Lynch Award

The Margaret Lynch Award recognizes contributions in the field of reading within each California Reading Association area. Recipients are nominated by their local leadership. Recipients must have served or be serving on the local organization’s board. Deadline to apply: MAY 1

John Martin Distinguished Service Award

The John Martin Distinguished Service Award is presented to a member of the California Reading Association who merits recognition for outstanding service to the organization. The award was established in 1977 to honor the late Dr. John Martin, Past President of CRA. Deadline to apply: MAY 1

Marcus Foster Memorial Reading Award

The Marcus Foster Memorial Reading Award, established in 1973 and named in honor of the Superintendent of Oakland Public Schools, is given to an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to reading-language arts in our state. Deadline to apply: 

CRA Hall of Fame Award

The California Reading Association Hall of Fame Award was established in 1989 to honor distinguished Californians whose contributions through scholarship, research, authorship and/or leadership have had a significant and lasting impact on reading improvement. Deadline to apply: 

Celebrate Literacy Award

These awards recognize the literacy efforts and contributions made by individuals, clubs, organizations and businesses in a local reading chapter’s immediate community. They are awarded for services and programs that promote and encourage literacy and address the needs of learners at all levels. These awards are given out by local organizations therefore they are also created by the local organization. 

Torchlighter Program Award

The Torch lighter Program Award, established in 1992, recognizes CRA councils for one of the following aspects of council programming: a creative new project, a new approach to an exciting activity, outstanding service to the council’s community, or expanded innovative view of literacy. Deadline to apply: 

The Armin Schulz Literacy Award

The Armin Schulz Literacy Award was established in 2012  in honor of the late Dr. Armin Schulz whose passion for literature inspired all of us. Of special interest to Dr. Schulz, was literature that promoted social justice. With that in mind, the purpose of this award is to recognize a teacher who uses literature to teach or an author who writes books that promote social justice. Deadline to apply: 

Nancy Rogers-Zegarra Scholarship Award
  • Deadline: June 30th
  • Purpose: To provide a scholarship for a beginning teacher (first or second year of teaching) which will enable him/her to experience the benefits of attending the CRA PDI and provide resources  for their professional growth.
  • NRZ Scholarship Submission Form
The Policy Maker of the Year Award

This award recognizes positive influences to education in California by a policymaker who has made a significant contribution to literacy.

WOW! Award

As part of making love of reading more visible and to provide a positive view of reading, students, classrooms, and teachers, the California Reading Association recognizes students for their love of reading and their commitment to reading books. Deadline to apply: JUNE 30

Eureka! Non-Fiction Children’s Book Award
  • Submission cycle: June 1st to September 1st
  • Purpose: The Eureka! Nonfiction Children’s Book Award assists teachers, librarians, and parents in identifying outstanding nonfiction books for their students and children. 
  • Eureka! Submission Form
American Literacy Corporation Awards

The American Literacy Corporation recognizes and rewards certificated educators who significantly increase the literacy levels of their students.

We believe the educator is the key to improving the literacy skills of listening, speaking, critical thinking, reading, and writing. Improved literacy results in greater performance and productivity, not only in school, but also in the work force.

ALC annually grants “The Outstanding Contributions to Literacy Award” to excellent certificated educators who show the greatest literacy improvement of their students. Awards of $3,000 are given to educators who make a significant difference in the literacy achievement of their students in grades TK-8 and a $500 grant is given to the winner’s school for reading or language arts activities or materials.