EUREKA! Non-fiction Book Award

2019 Eureka Award Winner Deborah Lee Rose

A message from the author:

My August 2019 nonfiction book Scientists Get Dressed was partly inspired by Janie Veltkamp’s gloves for handling Beauty. The new book includes more scientists from California than from any other region; they are USGS volcanologist Jessica Ball, Stanford neurosurgeon Melanie Hayden Gephart, Western University of Heath Sciences paleontologist Mathew Wedel, the NASA/JPL Mars Rover team, and the late, UC Berkeley brain research pioneer Marian Diamond, my colleague and friend.
I am pleased to attach here the free Scientists Get Dressed educational guide as well. Both guides can be shared with anyone. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any additional materials.

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"Scientists Get Dressed captures the important fact that scientists work everywhere, and are everyday people children might encounter."

—Christine Royce, author, NSTA Science and Children journal, Teaching Through Trade Books column 

"A Science Author’s Eureka Moment”


"Rose puts an unusually diverse gallery of researchers on the figurative runway.”

—Kirkus Reviews

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