DEADLINE for REGISTRATION for Spring Webinar 4 is
MAY 27th at midnight. 

2020 CRA Webinar Series

CRA is committed to bringing you the most current professional learning from dynamic literacy leaders.

**If you participated in this spring's webinar series, you can access videos and resources from each webinar. A password will be emailed to you soon. 

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CRA Members may earn credit for the webinar series.

DIRECTIONS for purchasing units:
  1. Click on the link below.
  2. PRINT out the UOP CREDIT form. Fill it out. 
  3. Mail the completed form to Lynn Gurnee: 86 Esparito Ave. Fremont, CA. 945539 no later than JUNE 15th, 2020 with payment. 

* ONE UOP credit:  $80 
** TWO UOP credits: $160
*** THREE UOP credits: $240
**** FOUR UOP credits: $320


CRA is excited to be able to offer a webinar series to support educator's efforts to bring literacy to our students during school closures. 


You MUST click the REGISTER button at the end of the form to be registered.

You will receive a confirmation and link within 24 hrs. of registering. If you do not receive a link, please contact us at 949-547-6664.

The California Reader

The California Reader is a journal for teachers of literacy. This publication of the California Reading Association is the voice of literacy educators for students in preschool through adulthood. The exchange of current theory, research, and practice regarding language arts is combined with news of particular interest to teachers and parents. When you join a local reading council in California, you automatically receive The California Reader.

You can treat yourself, a friend or colleague to membership and three issues of timely, practical ideas and strategies for advancing literacy for just $40.00! Become a member today!

As of February 2020, you can choose to have hard copies of The California Reader mailed to you for an additional charge of $15.00. Digital issues are no additional cost. Please indicate on your membership form which type of journal you would like to receive!


American Literacy Corporation
$2000 "Outstanding Contributions to Literacy" award $500 to CRA Council that nominates a winning K-8 educator

Congratulations to the 2018-2019 American Literacy Corporation “Outstanding Contributions to Literacy” Awardees
Kryssie Mingst
Garin Elementary School
Brentwood Union School District 5th Grade
Ingrid Hochrein
Bellevue Elementary School
Bellevue Union School District-1st Grade
Bee Medders
Pioneer Elementary School
New Haven Unified-1st Grade

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